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The almighty Streetteam Video game

Check Out The trailer the Almighty StreetTeam Video Game "Reign of the Iron Dragon"

About Us

StreetTeam Studios


StreetTeam Studios is a creative collective of artists and writers who have joined forces to bring the champion from each of their respective universes to stop one of the most ruthless and cunning villians the world has ever seen.

Shawn Alleyne: Creator of Black Aizan

Joe Robinson Currie: Creator of Dodger

Koran Curtis: Creator of Aaron

James Mason: Creator of Tiger

Stanley Weaver: Creator of Stalker

Chris Turner: Creator of Exces

Street Team Issue #0


This is where the journey begins a small clan of warriors seek to stop a powerful Warlord who has already crippled an entire city and taken all of it's citizens hostage.

StreetTeam leader Stalker decides that it is time to mobilize The Almighty StreetTeam. Will this motley crew of urban fighters be enough to stop the Devastating Power of Warlord Oguun. 

There is only one way to find out...

Almighty StreetTeam Universe Guide


This is the first volume of what we plan to have more of. This is the Almighty StreetTeam Universe guide.  An up close look at all of the players in the first chapter of the  AST Universe. The Heroes the Villians just all of it. lol

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